Bulk Mail Permit

If you are a member and would like to use our Bulk Mail Permit here is what you do…

Make sure you have 250+ like items to be mailed

Please have your pieces printed with the Bulk Mail Permit number on them (you can do this at any of our local printers)

Ask a Exec. Team member for the Milford Commercial Club Bulk Mail Permit number

If you don’t have them printed we have a stamp you may use

Print off form –  Click Here  The form that you want is the “PS Form 3206 -R”–  (Need to print this off each time as the form changes frequently)

Pick up a tray from the post office to put your mail into (preferred by post office)

Weigh your pieces (This will need to go on the form)

Weigh 10 pieces and divide out for the weight of one piece (Example: 10 pieces weigh 6.3 oz / 10 = .63 oz)

Then divide by 16 to get the weight of the single piece in pounds (Example: .63 oz / 16 = 0.04 (rounded from 0.0394)

Fill Out Form (sections that need to be filled out are listed below)(Only need page 1 and 3)

Mailer Section (Page 1)

Permit Holder’s Name (Milford Commercial Club, PO Box 214, Milford, IA 51351

Name and Address of Mailing Agent (Fill out your information here)

Mailing Section (Page 1)

Processing Category (Please check the “Letters” box)

Mailers Mailing Date (Date you are mailing the items)

Weight of a single piece (your answer from 5-b)

Total # of Pieces in Mailing

Total Weight (5-b answers x Number of pieces)

Postage (Page 1)

Subtotal Postage

Permit #

Net Postage Due

Certification (Page 1)

Signature of Mailer or Agent (Your signature)

Printed Name of Mailer or Agent (Your Printed Name)

Telephone (So you can be reached)

Standard Mail Part B (Page 3)

B1 (Defined as any mail going to 513_ _ area codes)

# of Pieces

Total Postage (Price x Number of Pieces)

B2 (Defined as any mail outside of 513_ _ area codes)

# of Pieces

Total Postage (Price x Number of Pieces)

Take to post office and pay for your discounted postage.  –  Must pay by check, Debit Card, or Cash (No Credit Cards Accepted)


Any Questions on any of this please contact the Milford Post Office for the most accurate information.